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How to repair a bed post which has had the side rail ripped out

This bed post is broken in a very common way. There is a lot of stress at the connection between the bed side rail and the bed post. The side rail has two hooks at the end of it. These hooks go into the slot on the bed post, and hook over two rods inside the bed post. Many times, this is a weak spot, and the side rail breaks free, taking the pins and portion of wood from the bed post with it. We’ll show you how to fix this.

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  • Ben Bunting

    How did you determine the location of kerf line in the patch to cut?

    • Just a regular ole’ measuring tape Ben.

  • Durga Davenport

    If there are no longer side rails, can a headboard and footboard be restored to a functional bed?
    I’m thinking of a single 4 poster bed from my great grandmother’s house and wondering if there is any percentage in attempting a restoration. Thanks for your time!

    • You can absolutely restore a headboard and footboard to accept side rails. Depending on what type of side rails they are will determine the method with which to set the head and foot boards up.

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